Guardian of the Lost (blue_angel72) wrote,
Guardian of the Lost

Gettin the F&#^ Outta Here

I am moving to Virginia,most likely leaving tomorrow.That is all.
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well let me know how things work out for you and if your number and what not changes. good talking to you the other day.
Oh dude,I'm so sorry I didn't call back.I've gotten caught up in things,you know how it is when you move.I'm so sorry!
its ok. just give me a call anytime. i don't really talk to anyone anymore...
though i try.
I'm such a bad person,I'm so sorry.I'm trying to get time to breathe now.I moved back to MS,and surprise,I'm pregnant.I'm working my tail off trying to save money for this kid and just with other stresses the days just escape me so quickly.I really have no excuse,I'll try to call you sometime soon!