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It's Early

I'm not remembering a lot,so bear with me.
I liked the old LJ scheme...
Work is work is work.Same old,same old.Applied at Party City,maybe something will come out of that.I hope so.I could use the hours and the money.Oh,could I use the money...
Air Force is a dud.I have to wait til April to actually set up when I leave because of the damn Wal-Mart fiasco.Because I'm on fucking -probation- (even though it's bascially the judge just telling me to stay out of trouble...that's it...but still probation),and because the amount stolen over the course was over $50,even if I wasn't even there it still counts against me.So I guess screw that idea.
I want to move to Meridian.I think I'd like it up there better.Things would be a lot simpler,though still with drama...but at least there wouldn't be destruction at every turn.And condos,can't forget the condos.
Me and Chris have been together for over a year now,yay!
And sorry for not calling Chris P.Things are still hectic,but I'll try harder.
Well,I'm tired,so night night everyone.
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