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Gettin the F&#^ Outta Here [07 Jan 2007|04:25pm]
I am moving to Virginia,most likely leaving tomorrow.That is all.
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[11 Oct 2006|10:09am]
Hey again everyone.It's been a lil bit since last update.So let's see...
I left Shoe Dept. to go work at Hallmark(also in the mall) and I'm loving it.I'm getting paid the same amount,and it's a helluva lot less stressful.The only bad part is I can't stop buying stuff.I'm already on the road to an ornament collection.I'm going to make myself so broke.Chris is still at the Shoe Dept. and ready to find something better.But at least both our jobs bring in the money.
My car had to go into the shop,and it's still acting weird.Guess mechanincs are just slcking off more and more these days.
Phlebotomy class starts next month!
And that's pretty much it...
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It's Early [19 Sep 2006|01:42am]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm not remembering a lot,so bear with me.
I liked the old LJ scheme...
Work is work is work.Same old,same old.Applied at Party City,maybe something will come out of that.I hope so.I could use the hours and the money.Oh,could I use the money...
Air Force is a dud.I have to wait til April to actually set up when I leave because of the damn Wal-Mart fiasco.Because I'm on fucking -probation- (even though it's bascially the judge just telling me to stay out of trouble...that's it...but still probation),and because the amount stolen over the course was over $50,even if I wasn't even there it still counts against me.So I guess screw that idea.
I want to move to Meridian.I think I'd like it up there better.Things would be a lot simpler,though still with drama...but at least there wouldn't be destruction at every turn.And condos,can't forget the condos.
Me and Chris have been together for over a year now,yay!
And sorry for not calling Chris P.Things are still hectic,but I'll try harder.
Well,I'm tired,so night night everyone.

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[12 Sep 2006|08:18am]
Life isn't what it used to be and I guess I gotta accept that.I can't fit in a place that I don't.Things have changed,and I'm just not part of it anymore.I realized this at the first football game.I was surrounded,but after a while I felt just completely left out.I'm an outsider now,I guess.Maybe it's just time for me to move on.
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[23 Aug 2006|11:06pm]
I miss having friends...
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[02 Aug 2006|11:32pm]
Well,I went to see the marine recruiter today(the air force guy wasn't in).I tlaked to him about some stuff,even took the 20 minute version of the ASVAB(which is supposed to be harder) and got a 70 on it.31 is passing.So if I joined the marines I could just about have any job I want.On top of that,the recruiter said me and Chris could go to the gym for free with him and some other people/marine recruiters to help get us in shape for basic.They have a lot of opportunities,and just becuase we enlist it doesn't automatically mean we'll get shipped off overseas.But I;m just looking for soemthing more,something I can be proud of,something challenging and I think I've found it.Of course,it'll be a while before I ship off(must lose weight) and it still leaves me plenty of time to think.But either way it goes,wish me luck!
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[01 Aug 2006|01:58pm]
Well,this is the first time I've officially been fucked over at work.I took yesterday off because exhaustion and stress finally caught up to me.It was hard lifting my head,and even getting up.It's screwed up my system(my bc pills aren't even controlling what my girl parts do anymore,so I'm having my monthly visitor against my and my pills will).So I called in.It obviously pissed Jennifer(one of the managers) off because now I am off of the schedule for the rest of the week and I feel that it is her doing.I felt bad for leaving her there for 2 hours alone.But mind you,it was the slowest day of the week,and the slowest time of the day.If I wasn't feeling so bad I would've gone in.I've been working 43-37-45(well,the 45 would have been this week) hours.I wait until Sunday for my only day off while everyone else gets 2 days off a week.And now that my body's told me that I needed a break,I end up with no more work this week.Because she got pissed I now lose money.And when I came in I heard her say to me 'nice try'.Yes,because I completely intended to screw you over.That's it.This is bullshit.
Making me want to join the Air Force even more.Do something I could be proud of with order and discipline and none of this 'oh no you made me work a little harder so I'm going to screw over your week' bullshit.
And to make the day better I nearly smashed into this guy who decided not to look before he pulled out.
Oh,and thank you for not calling me and telling me that I wasn't working this week anymore so I came in dressed and ready.And looked like an idiot.
I'm just upset...
So I guess if anyone wants to do anything today,tomorrow,or thursday,looks like I'll be available.
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[26 Jul 2006|11:24am]
Okay...well...did a little research.I'm wanting to bring Chris with me to Disney,but seeing as how he's not of the OSHS alumni we're gonna have to plan this on our own.5 days park hopper pass and 5 nights at the All Star Music Resort come out to $968,not counting food and gas charges.Granted,I could get $500 of it from selling my alto sax,but that being a last resort.Looks like I'm asking for money for Christmas.
God help me.
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[20 Jul 2006|09:51am]
So...I heard that the band's going to Disney again...and as one of the many alumni I can go too.
So,should I go?And if I did who would I room with?
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[14 Jul 2006|09:38am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Whoo,I;m pulling in over 30 hours at The Shoe Dept. so more money!And with comission and back to school coming up I might possibly be making up to $10 an hour.YES!Gettin paid tomorrow,along with celebrating my 10 month anniversary with Chris :) And I'm accepted into my phlebotomy class,but not til November cuz the August one's full,but that's okay.I might try tog et into the medical terminology class in August so I can advance to medical transcription,and that with phlebotomy I'll be an unstoppable force.I'll be going to JD,so if anyone wants to join me,then sign up!
Continuing the learning thing,I need to know who the good and trustworthy Wiccan authors are.I'm more of a solitary and I learn more from books,so if anyone has any info on which ones aren't writing non truths it'd be helpful.
I feel good!

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[10 Jul 2006|08:06am]
Been thinkin a lot lately.I realize I've pushed a lot of my life away,took days off,whatever so I wouldn't have to experience it.I miss high school.Band camp's coming up soon.No more halftime shows,fuck college,high school was it.I think in all I miss the Ocean Springs band,the stupidity,the way things were.I miss the trips,the music.I miss the people.Since the hurricane I don't know where everyone has exactly gone though I know some people(make it a lot) have moved,but nothing's the same.I got away from everyone and everything after the hurricane and now I have none of my old friends.I'm also giving up the college experience for one -straight to employment- class,phlebotomy,my chosen major.Bet no one expected me to go into the medical field.But I just think about before...Gulf Shores,going bowling,mall trips,driving out to a specific area so a certain 3 someone's could smoke,swimming(I WANT TO GO SWIMMING).I also miss Disney World,not for what happened there,but for the way it felt there,that everything was easier and I was surrounded by friends.But damn,I'm almost 20,looking to make money so my family will get off my back instead of enjoying my youth like everyone else will be able to...But that's life,and those were the decisions I made.
I just hope this works...
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[30 Jun 2006|12:55pm]
Well,now I have Journey stuck in my head thanks to Jamie's journal.
Life's going good.I'm happy.My job is awesome,I'm pulling in 30 hours this week,money isn't an issue,and it's great!If anyone's going to Edgewater stop by The Shoe Dept. and say hi,I'm working every day this week cept Thursday.
Oh,and does anyone play Guild Wars?I don't think any of you do,but just curious.
Well,time to game,ttfn :)
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[27 Jun 2006|09:35am]
Thanks to everyone who told me happy birthday yesterday,or before,or even a little after.It made me happy. :)
But yesterday did kinda suck.Wasn't at all birthday spectacular.Didn't go out to eat or anything...just went to my grandmother's and ate with family there.It really didn't feel like a birthday.Next year I'll have to do something like I did for my 18th: have friends over,be stupid,and go out and try to find something to do later.
The coast really sucks now.It is just...dead.All condos and destruction.
Well,gotta get ready to take Chris to work,then I'll go in a few hours later.Whoo-hoo.
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[25 Jun 2006|05:34pm]
I am in pain and tired.And I probably will be limping a lot on my birthday.
Had tog et up early to take Chris to his first day of work at Piccadilly in the mall(yay!).He's making 7 an hour like me,cept working full time.I think now we'll be able to save up money a lot more.
Also,I think I broke 2 toes on my left foor.Now,my toes go through smashings all the time,but this time there's swelling and intense pain,and I can't really move the toes much either.It.Hurts.But I'll survive...till Tuesday,when I have to be on my feet for 5+ hours...yikes.
But tomorrow is my birthday!I'll be 19(WOW!!!).I get to be a spoiled bitch and no one can say anything :p
Well,not much into posting anymore,so this is all,ttfn!
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[22 Jun 2006|07:45am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So many thoughts,the fact that I'm not 100% awake doesn't help.The coast is starting to bore me,there's going to be nothing but condos and already crappy beach.Is Gulf Shores still intact(only as a vacation/road trip)?They say life gets interesting when you graduate,but workworkwork is kinda boring.But the money is nice.The things you give up for the one you love.And I've never been happier.I'm going to be 19 in 4 days whoo-hoo!That much closer to 21.How did I get this old so quick?I miss high school.I miss band.But I still have my memories...some painful,some absolutely hilarious,and some just...wow.I think I'll go back to sleep now.It looks like it need it.

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[19 Jun 2006|07:21pm]
Minimal rant before entry:It really pisses me off when 12-16 year olds come along saying they're sick of being treating like kids while showing how childish they are by the dumb things they say,and then expect everyone to accept they're mature enough for sex.I wasn't at 17,I couldn't handle the emotional attachment.And seriously,so they think they're SO is going to stay with them forever???How many relationships around that age last over a year now?Very.Few.</endrant>
I'm starting to notice how antisocial I am.It started with the hurricane,and just progressed.The only person I hangout with now is Chris.I don't know.I think I'm just afraid to get attached and lose something else,or have to deal with the drama.*sighs* I've just been thinking about how many people I was -bestfriends- with last year and now I hardly ever speak to them.Granted,a small number were due to awkwardness/weirdness after a relationship/almost relationship.It's just kinda sad.I used to never be off the phone,and now I won't even answer it.I've changed.I know it.I guess the hurricane and everything after just knocked me out of my loop.But it's been affecting my subconscious,through dreams.It reminds me of people over the years I never got to say goodbye to,or won't,or won't see.Blah.
My mind is a wonderful mess.
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[15 Jun 2006|11:22am]
[ mood | loved ]

Hello hello everyone.
I don't have to go into work until 4,so what am I doing up?
I guess I'm just that excited that today's me and Chris's 9 month anniversary,yay!He makes me feel so happy and safe and loved and and and so many other things.I love being with him.I wuv you baby! :)
Other than that,job's going great.I'm buying my first pair of shoes when I get paid on Saturday.It's a pair of Rocket Dogs that look almost like Converse and are extremely comfy.I already have an ever growing list of shoes I want,I think I'm starting to go shoe crazy!After this I'll probably get the dark blue New Balances,but not before I buy my baby a new pair of boots.And you can't stop me Chris! :p
But the day's flying by,and I'm a little hungry and I want to cuddle with my baby more,so ttfn!

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[06 Jun 2006|10:15am]
Hi everyone,been a while since I updated,shame on me.
Going into work at The Shoe Dept. at 1,not sure if I can handle the boredom of 8 hours of nothing,but I think I'll be okay with $7 an hour and some pretty cool coworkers.Can't wait to run the register,so I'm gonna have to work extra hard in learning the merchandise.
Tuscany is just starting to get laughable.I mean,having a manager call you names like a frosh in high school is just sad.And then having the owner standing right next to her and allowing it is even more pathetic.Again,with the jobs I've worked before,never have I seen anyone in a higher authority behave like that under any situation.But it's okay,come Friday it'll all be through.
Other than that,life's good. :)
Going to go do a little housework and get ready for work,so ttfn.
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[30 May 2006|04:51pm]
Well,me and Chris finally quit Tuscany.It was getting out of hand anyways.People stealing money and the drama...not to mention management...not worth it anymore.It's just no longer professional over there if a manager is saying 'screw you' for quitting.Not mature or professional,and this is the first time I have encoutered management that was that unprofessional,and I've worked many jobs in many different situations.At least now I won't have any more anxiety attacks because of work or be overly stressed out.So now starts the new job hunt.Already applied at Lowe's,but where next?
And also I'm sorry to Jeff and all the nice people that work there,I'm sorry you still have to put up with that drama,and other than that -screw you too-.
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[23 May 2006|09:28pm]
Okay,so I filled out an application for Samichez Poboys which'll open in St.Martin -soon- as they say.I'll mail it off tomorrow.Somhow I feel I can only succeed in the restaraunt business.
And Chris,I'll see ya tomorrow in Gulfport,can't wait!
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